Content Chemistry

YOU Can Write Content for the Most Innovative Tech Companies And you don’t even have to be a technical genius

If you’re a freelance copywriter, you already have what it takes. 

You’ve had a few clients. 

You know the basics of working through writing projects. 

You have the writing skills down -- and you’re improving them all the time. 

You write copy with the goal of converting the target audience, and you ruthlessly edit your work for the biggest impact. 

You’re also ready to uplevel your skills, get better clients and charge more for your services. 

You are a great candidate to write content for tech audiences.

Yes. You!

Exciting things are happening in technology today. 

Lives are being saved. Economies are being transformed. Day-to-day tasks are being simplified. 

Technology connects us. It saves lives. It has the power to save the world. 

Does that sound dramatic? 

Check this out … 

  • Fitbits are helping doctors diagnose heart problems 
  • Drones are delivering critical supplies to disaster zones 
  • 3D printers are creating prosthetics for children 
  • The Owlet smart sock is saving babies’ lives 
  • High-speed broadband and wireless connectivity are enabling small businesses in developing nations 

These world-changing products and services are being created and delivered by some of the most brilliant, creative minds around the globe.


That’s where you come in. 

Tech businesses need copywriters who can help them get the word out about what they’re doing. 

Writers that help them … 

  • Build their credibility 
  • Showcase their expertise 
  • Spread the word about their solutions

Writers that help them create marketing content like blogs, e-books and white papers that build the relationship between the company and buyers. 

Believe it or not, those writers are hard for tech businesses to find. 

Not because the skill-set is out of reach – but because few copywriters feel confident writing for this space. 

That lack of confidence results in few copywriters laying claim to this expertise, and tech companies are left searching the vast ocean of the Internet for someone, anyone to help them. 

What’s stopping you from using your polished copywriting skills to write high-performance content for technology companies? 

One single misconception: You have to be a techie to write content for tech. 

Here’s what most copywriters don’t understand … 

You don’t have to be a technical genius to write effective content for tech audiences. 

Let me say that another way: You don’t need to be a programmer, developer or engineer to write content that helps tech businesses grow their revenue. 

What you do need is confidence. 

Confidence in your skills. 

Confidence to have open and thoughtful conversations with tech clients. 

Confidence to coach your clients to create a content strategy that helps them meet their goals. 

That’s what Content Chemistry: Tech Track delivers.  

This online training program takes you from 

 general freelance copywriter, indistinguishable from any other freelance copywriter out there 

to … 

CONFIDENT TECH CONTENT WRITER, able to take on the most challenging content project with the most brilliant tech clients in the world.

Hi. I’m Jessica Mehring, CEO of Horizon Peak Consulting and creator of The Content Lab. 

I have written content and copy for some of the world’s biggest technology corporations and some of the most innovative new startups. 

Though those businesses may seem like they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, they actually have one thing in common … 

They are desperate for content marketing help. 

They need writers who understand how to create effective content – and who are willing to bring that expertise to the table. 

Writers who don’t just write words on a page … 

… but act as experts, coach them on best practices, and then write that awesome content for them. 

I talk to copywriters all the time who say “I’m not technical. I couldn’t write for tech businesses like that.” 

That is completely false. 

Sure, there are things you need to learn in order to navigate the world of technology as a copywriter – and you’ll learn those things in Content Chemistry: Tech Track – but you don’t need to be a techie yourself.  

You do need to be a good writer. You do need to study content marketing. And you do need to learn about your client’s business and be able to work in partnership with them. But you don’t need to be a techie. 

Jessica Mehring
The Content Lab
Joanna Wiebe

"Jessica is extraordinarily good at making complex subjects relatable, which is why her work in the tech space is second to none.” 

—Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory

Now that those misconceptions are out of the way ...

You might be wondering why, if there’s such a huge need for content writers, I don’t just create a big agency and hire a bunch of employees to do this work for tech clients. 

Two reasons: 

  • There are plenty of big agencies out there. And they are desperate for great content writers, too. I feel like I can serve copywriters better by helping them gain confidence with this skill-set so they can then choose the clients, employers and projects they want. 
  • I have no interest in managing people. I’m an introvert and scholar to the core, and I prefer to master a skill and then teach others about it – not manage a copywriting consortium! That said, I do love helping copywriters make connections. 

So that’s why I created Content Chemistry: Tech Track. Tech companies need great content writers, and there are plenty of copywriters out there who could do it with the right boost of confidence. 

Content Chemistry: Tech Track is a rocket booster for your content-writing confidence.  

A confidence catalyst, if you will. 

As a writer I work with words. I love words. I get words. But science and technology? Sooo intimidating for a creative type like me. Content Chemistry changed this. I now have confidence communicating with tech and science clients. 

Besides the confidence (which is HUGE) I also picked up some skills. Solid and useful skills that have helped me land a new client. (yay!) 

Jessica has created a valuable program with Content Chemistry. I’m so glad I took this course. You should take it too. 

–Lisa Pierson, founder of Fine Words

Lisa Pierson
Icy Sedgwick

"I can't say enough about how much I really enjoyed the program. I've gotten so much out of the content, but I've also enjoyed being part of the community, being able to ask my questions, and she's so approachable! Not many course creators are - they make you feel like you're bothering them by asking things. But she's been so friendly and super helpful! 

There are a lot of writing courses strewn around the internet, and I've done a few of them, but I can honestly say that Jessica's is my favorite. The content is easy to digest, and written in such a way that you'll have light bulb moments every other paragraph! I highly recommend keeping a pen and notebook handy so you can keep track of all of your insights. 

Best of all, Jessica includes plenty of real life examples so you can see content that actually works in its natural environment. It's easy to start building a research file so you have something to refer to while you're writing your own content. I've felt so much more confident about my writing career since learning from Jessica, and I'm so glad I signed up! ” 

—Icy Sedgwick

So what’s included in the Content Chemistry: Tech Track online training course?  

I’m so glad you asked.

  • Lifetime access to 6 deep modules in PDF format that will teach you how to work with and write for tech clients, including lessons on how to: 

  • Speak your audience’s language -- so you can make an instant connection with target buyers 
  • Coach your client to pick the most effective medium (blog post, white paper, e-book…) -- so you establish yourself as the expert AND your client gets the best results from their content 
  • Pick the right topic for the content -- so your content will lead to more sales 
  • Write content that converts prospects into quality customers -- even if you don't have years of experience yet 
  • Break the work down into a repeatable process -- so you can become more efficient and profitable 
  • Get lucrative content-writing gigs with top-notch tech companies -- even if you're not a tech expert

  • Practical exercises that let you put what you learn into practice. 
  • Access to the members-only Slack channel, where you can bat around ideas with me and your fellow Content Chemists. 
  • Bonus tutorial videos and worksheets. 

The flow of the modules in Content Chemistry follows the natural flow of a client project. By the end of the program, you’ll have gone through the whole project process -- from discovery conversation through project delivery. 

The result: You’ll feel familiar and fearless when it comes time to work on a real-world client content project. 

There’s a whole big world of writing opportunities out there for you in the IT, software and tech market. Don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back from grabbing these opportunities by the horns. 

Join Content Chemistry: Tech Track and discover that you have the power to help these companies change the world.

At the end of this program, you’ll walk away with: 

  • A custom-created client interview checklist 
  • A thorough understanding of what content works best with what audiences 
  • An editorial calendar you can use with your clients or for your own business 
  • Tons of sample content (including actual project outlines I’ve used with clients) for ongoing reference 

You’ll also get the opportunity to go through a real-life content project assignment from end to end, and get my guidance and feedback as you work. 

Once you’ve done this exercise, you will have the confidence to talk to any client, knowing that you do have the right skills and you can successfully complete their project – because you’ve been there, done that. 

Register for this self-paced program now!

Content Chemistry: Tech Track

Chart your own course ...

With the self-paced program, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to 6 in-depth learning modules + exercises
  • An invitation to my private Slack channel
  • Bonus tutorial videos and worksheets

Price: $399

Prefer a payment plan? No problem. Click the Get It Now button above and select the payment plan enrollment option.

Now let me ask you something. 

How much do you normally charge for a blog post? 

A white paper? 

What if you could increase your rates? A lot? 

You’d earn back your investment in this program with your first project. Right? 

When it comes to writing for the tech market, setting your rates is a simple supply and demand equation. 

There are a growing number of tech businesses, and few copywriters who specialize in writing content for them. That means that once you master this specialty, you can start charging premium prices for your work. 

Don’t wait any longer. Practice those skills, accelerate your authority and become that sought-after resource with Content Chemistry: Tech Track.

Let's talk numbers for a moment.

A beginning copywriter working with a tech startup can bring in a decent $150-250 per short blog post, or $1,000 for a white paper.

An experienced copywriter with some nice showpieces in his or her portfolio -- someone who can flash some serious writing skills and content marketing expertise, and confidently guide clients through the sale and onward through the project -- that copywriter can easily charge $350+ for a short blog post and $3,000+ for a white paper.

In Content Chemistry, you'll begin bridging that gap between beginner and experienced.

What does this mean in real-world terms? The first project you land after completing this program should more than pay for the investment.

"I was thrilled with the content of this course, like I actually feel like 'This, THIS is the roadmap I’ve been looking for!' 

It’s theory, backed up with logic and real-world examples, plus advice on execution. So many courses have great content, but still leave you with some anxiety and uncertainty about how to apply it in the real world (or the business world that you’re not quite in yet). 

Content Chemistry: Tech Track lays out a holistic approach – strategy and tactics – that I can apply to any project. 

I also really appreciated all the guidance around how we can position ourselves as experts rather than 'just writers,' and coach our clients toward a path of success (instead of just producing content because they think they should). I just got really good feedback from someone based on giving guidance exactly like that.  

This program connected all kinds of dots for me, and has given me a foundational roadmap for scoping/quoting or working with any client – it really has given me confidence. Even with my limited experience, I can see that a lot of companies out there think they’re doing it the right way, but are actually kind of floundering – so now I know that I can provide more than just 'writing' to clients, I can provide real value to them in their marketing efforts, with the ‘smarts’ to back it up!"

– Anne Kavanagh

Anne Kavanagh
Brett Romero

"Content Chemistry is unique in that it helps content writers not only with their writing but also better development of their content business. 

Jessica has been there/done that when it comes to clients and it shows. The information provided in this course will definitely help you improve your ability to deliver what clients are looking for.” 

—Brett Romero, founder of Bitesize Business School


How long will it take me to complete this program? 

Answer: This version of Content Chemistry: Tech Track is totally self-paced. When you purchase the program you will have instant access to all of the course materials – so you can go through it as quickly (or slowly) as you like. 

I do, however, include a suggested timeline for completion that will have you through the program in 6 weeks. Some of the exercises will take you longer than others to complete, but you shouldn’t need to spend more than 1-2 hours a week to complete this program in that timeframe. 

I will also be running this program live twice a year. If you need more hand-holding and interaction with me while you go through this course, a live run will be a great option for you. To get notified when the next live run is scheduled, join the interest list here.

You said I don’t need to be super tech-savvy to write for tech companies. But won’t I need to learn about the technology they’re selling? 

Answer: Yes and no. Yes, you need to understand your client’s product or service well enough to help buyers understand its value. But you don’t need to have expert-level knowledge of how that technology works. As a friend of mine would put it, “you don’t need to know where the sausage came from.” 

I have worked alongside developers, programmers and engineers for 16 years – and I am not a tech. I have picked up much of their jargon over the years, though, and you’ll find that you will do the same – but you’re also not going to use heavy jargon in the content you’re writing for them, because their buyers wouldn’t understand it. And those buyers are the most important part of the marketing equation! 

What if I need more personalized, 1:1 help from you? 

Answer: You can always reach me (asynchronously) by posting in ou members-only Slack channel. If you prefer private instruction, however, never fear. I do offer 1:1 coaching packages. You can get more information about that here.


Use your writing skills for good. Help tech companies get the word out about their world-changing products and services, build their credibility and showcase their expertise with top-notch content. 

The first project you land with your new Content Chemistry: Tech Track skill-set should more than pay for this course.  

This isn’t just an investment in your writing skills – it’s an investment in your long-term business success. 

Forrester estimates a 6.3% growth in the tech market in 2016 -- up from 4.1% in 2015 and 2.3% in 2014 -- and the U.S. tech market is setting the pace. China, India, Sweden and Israel are hot on America’s heels, too. 

The demand for technology is growing, and smart tech companies are working hard to keep up with demand and innovate. 

They need your help to get the word out and promote what they’re doing through content marketing. 

Start here.

Register for this self-paced program now!

Content Chemistry: Tech Track

Chart your own course ...

With the self-paced program, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to 6 in-depth learning modules + exercises
  • An invitation to my private Slack channel
  • Bonus tutorial videos and worksheets

Price: $399

Prefer a payment plan? No problem. Click the Get It Now button above and select the payment plan enrollment option.

I've read The Copywriters Handbook multiple times, completed HubSpot Inbound Certification, and have over 2 years of copywriting experience. Content Chemistry still taught me something new. 

I'd recommend this program to anyone who wants to invest in their future. 

–James Mann, copywriter at Marketing Refresh

James Mann
Millie Blackwell

“Jess is the most persuasive technical copy writer on the planet. Within the first 30 days, we could directly attribute $27,000 in new revenue to leads that came from the content she helped us write. 

She’s changed the content marketing game for our SaaS business — and best of all, she made it easy and fun.” 

—Millie Blackwell, president and co-founder of Showcase Workshop

P.S. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t completely satisfied with what you are learning in Content Chemistry: Tech Track — for any reason — in the first 15 days, I will give you a full refund.  

P.P.S. Still feeling unsure about joining the Content Chemistry: Tech Track program? Email me at I’m happy to answer your questions. 

Content Chemistry: Tech Track is NOT just another writing program  


You’ll learn how to ... 

  • Step into your expertise as a content writer 
  • Partner with and coach your clients for better content marketing results 
  • Make the most complex topics relatable to readers 
  • Delegate the right tasks when your workload gets too heavy and it’s time to grow your team 

The result? You’ll feel more confident doing the work, talking to your clients and charging what you’re worth. 


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