Content Career Tip: Use your talents for upsells and add-ons

Today’s blog post is going to be easy, breezy and short – and it may even help you make more money as a content writer.

I received some great responses to that recent post I wrote about talent-stacking. Interestingly, some of the conversation came back around to something I have been teaching my Content Lab students:

Those extra skills, talents and experiences you have in your back pocket are worth something to your clients. When it makes sense, use them as upsells or bonuses.

Here’s an example.

One of my Content Chemistry: Tech Track students wrote to me during an Office Hour chat and said, “I have experience writing SEO-friendly meta descriptions. Would this be something to add to my content-writing services?”

Short answer: YES!

Whether you use that as an upsell and charge for it, or you give it to a good customer as an extra little bonus add-on, that’s valuable.

An upsell allows you to increase the overall price and value of your service package by adding a small line item.

An unpaid add-on can make you more money, though, too, by creating a great experience for the client (i.e. giving your client warm fuzzies with above-and-beyond service) — leading not only to a better relationship, but also to glowing referrals and/or more work from that client.

Here are some upsells and add-ons you might not have ever thought about adding to your content-writing services:

  • Social media post writing
  • Social media account management
  • Social media profile writing
  • SEO meta-data writing (meta title, meta description, keyword)
  • Image alt-tag writing
  • Content integration (putting the blog post content in WordPress, or whatever content management system your client is using)
  • Image creation for content or social media posts
  • Topic development
  • Wireframing the design for standalone content (like guides and e-books)
  • Creating a simple design template for standalone content
  • Inputting written content into the design template
  • Project management (interfacing directly with the designer and/or developer on your content project)
  • Ad writing
  • Writing the landing page that will lead to the content you wrote

Or here’s something that I love to do for my clients, that’s really, really easy: Come up with a few different headline options for the content.

Using these bonus activities as paid upsells is an easy way to take a small-yet-annoying burden off your client’s plate while also increasing your revenue on a project.


Using them as (unpaid) bonus services is an easy way to reward your best customers for being so awesome.

I’m not saying every content writer should do all — or any — of these suggested activities. In fact, there’s a lot of value in just focusing on what you do best: content writing.

What I am saying is that you have a lot to offer. You have unique skills, talents and experience that other content writers don’t.

Don’t forget that.

Use it as an opportunity to impress your clients and stand out from your competition.


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