Path to horizon

Pre-qualifying your clients.

Creating an effective referral network.

Improving your skill-set.

Streamlining your processes.

Raising your prices.

All of these things get easier when you narrow yourself to a niche.

And I talk about all of these things in the latest episode of the Profit, Power, Pursuit podcast with Tara Gentile. Listen now.

I have been a big fan of Tara for years. In mid-2016, I got the opportunity to get to know her personally — and she was even more impressive up-close. When she recently asked me to come on her podcast, I jumped at the chance. Tara sees business trends from miles away, and is a master of systematizing business development, marketing and sales in ways that any creative business owner can benefit from.

After you’ve listened to this episode, I insist you scroll through the episode list. You’re guaranteed to find more business gold in there!


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Create content with a purpose, and watch engagement skyrocket.

This nifty infographic guide takes you through the 4 core content objectives, and illustrates how and why readers respond to each. Download it for free!

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