Where sales prospecting and content marketing collide -- tied shoelaces


Prospecting … sales funnels … cold emailing … these things are firmly in the realm of sales, right? Only salespeople deal with these things.

Well, yes and no.

All of us freelancers, small-business owners, and marketers are technically salespeople, too.

It’s our responsibility to talk to customers and grow revenue — whether or not “sales” is on our business cards.

This is why a recent conversation I had with sales enablement and prospecting expert Marylou Tyler was so incredibly interesting.

Her world of helping client companies identify prospects, use targeted campaigns to land meetings, and optimize acquisition to generate predictable revenue seemed — on the surface — to conflict with my world of tech content marketing. In reality, though, we are tightly aligned!

We are both focused on getting measurable results for our clients.

We are both focused on using content to help our clients reach and engage their target customers.

Here’s the great thing: If this sounds interesting to you, you can listen to our entire conversation.

Marylou turned it into a podcast episode, complete with transcript for those of you who are readers (raising my hand, here!).

>> Listen to or read the conversation right here



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