Great content helps companies build relationships with buyers.

And most companies are writing it wrong.

They write about their newest product.

Or share their latest press release.

And it doesn’t move them any closer to their business goals, because the content doesn’t provide any value to the most important people: the buyers.

I’m Jessica Mehring, CEO of Horizon Peak Consulting and creator of The Content Lab.

Jessica Mehring


Over my 15+ years of writing content and copy for companies of all sizes, I collected a long list of questions from copywriters, founders and marketers alike.

  • What kind of content should I be writing?
  • How do I come up with content topics?
  • Can I really write content for a technical company? Don’t I have to be a “techie” to do that?
  • How do I write content that engages buyers?
  • What is the best content for each stage in the sales funnel?
  • What content do my buyers want?
  • How do I write content? Or how do I hire someone to write it for me?
  • What about the other kinds of written content that businesses need to produce? Like communicating with employees or writing follow-up emails to customers after sales conversations? Are there writing “tricks” for those scenarios too?

I created The Content Lab not only to answer these questions, but to help change the world through better content.

In my time as a copywriter specializing in content for IT, software and tech companies, I have had the opportunity to write about world-changing products. I get to work with some of the most brilliant, creative minds out there.

Most importantly, the content I help these companies produce helps them make the world a better place with their products and services.

I’ve learned a lot about writing content over the years. I also learned that most content writers — whether freelance or in-house — struggle to create content that really gets results for the business.

I have been relentless about mastering the science — and art — of creating content that converts. And it’s time to share what I’ve discovered.

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or a startup marketer, a newbie or an old pro, you can learn to create content that resonates with buyers, enables companies to share their brilliance with the world, and helps bring life-changing products and services to those who need them.

And you can do this with the writing skills you have already developed.

That’s the mission of The Content Lab. Taking the writing skills you already have and systematically implementing them to create content that gets the best results for the business.

And help change the world while you’re at it.