Mentoring for Freelance Content Writers

You are ready to be more than a writer for hire.

It’s time to position yourself as an expert content creator, master what you do and make real money with clients who value your guidance and expertise as much as your words.

Your success formula is focus + action.

If you’re a content writer looking to grow your career, make a move to write content for the tech industry, or improve your portfolio, the PRO Mentoring Program will get you focused and taking action like never before.

I’m not going to pat you on your head and send you on your way. I want to help you really own your content focus, take action to grow your client relationships, and create content that creates results.

The plan of action we create for you will be unique to your goals, but here are just a few of the things I’ve helped content writers accomplish in our time together:

  • Learn by actually doing and taking action
  • Go from generalist to in-demand master of your niche
  • Create better content, help your clients achieve better results, and earn better testimonials
  • Build the right relationships in your niche
  • Share your expertise as a strategic content expert
  • Have more successful sales calls and command a higher rate

“Jessica made me feel so comfortable and confident.

She made sure I knew what to take action on, and helped me remove distractions and put my business on good footing for the future.”

— Brett Romero

“Jessica is not only super knowledgeable about copy and content, but she is also a great teacher, and cares about her students’ outcomes.

I felt like I was getting a college course on tech content writing, but with the help of a very skilled mentor by my side.

She doesn’t make you feel silly if you need to ask questions, and went above and beyond to help make sure I was fully satisfied with my mentoring experience. I highly recommend her!”

— Melissa Williams

The PRO Mentoring program is 6 weeks long, and I only accept 3 clients per quarter. During this time, you’ll have on-the-fly access to me via email for any quick questions. I’m also happy to review your writing work and give you professional pointers as we go (within reason, of course!).

Come prepared to make a plan, take action, and reach your goals.

This program is best for motivated freelancers who are ready to do the work and grow their business.

Ready to rock?

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