Mentoring, Consulting and Coaching

Need 1:1 help from a world-class content writer? Look no further.

If you’re a …

  • Content writer looking to grow your career, make a move to write content for the tech industry, or improve your portfolio — mentoring might be just the ticket. Ready to rock? Start here.
  • Startup marketer or business owner who’s ready to make more sales with a better content strategy — a consulting arrangement can help you get on track to more profits fast. Let’s talk about your goals and see what we can accomplish together. Book a 15-min Fit call here.
  • Content creator of any kind who needs a strategy, a schedule and accountability to get your project done and out into the world — personalized coaching can skyrocket your productivity. Hire me as your butt-kicking, no-excuses BOSS for the next 6 weeks. Learn more and book me here.

Copywriting and content strategy programs, classes and courses can take you far. If you put in the work.

To get you where you want to go, however, sometimes individual guidance makes more sense.

Right now I accept three 1:1 clients per quarter.

“Jessica is not only super knowledgeable about copy and content, but she is also a great teacher, and cares about her students’ outcomes. I felt like I was getting a college course on tech content writing, but with the help of a very skilled mentor by my side. She doesn’t make you feel silly if you need to ask questions, and went above and beyond to help make sure I was fully satisfied with my mentoring experience. I highly recommend her!” — Melissa

“Connection is what I liked best about working with Jessica. I felt I had a very good connection with her. It made me comfortable to speak about various topics, so I ended up getting more out of the coaching. I also had confidence in her. This translated into me taking action on her suggestions. I feel my business is on a good footing for the future. This has removed lots of distractions and meandering.” — Brett

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