Coaching and Consulting for Business Owners

I’m tired of watching small-business owners waste time and money doing things that don’t move them toward their business goals.

Success doesn’t come from a book, it takes focus, effort and action.

You’re tired, too. Tired of trying to squeeze your content projects into the nooks and crannies of all the other responsibilities you have at your company. Tired of creating content that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. Tired of feeling like you’re writing in a vacuum.

If you’re creating content for your own business and you’re ready to get better results, it’s time for strategy and focus. With coaching or consulting from The Content Lab, you’ll:

  • Create a content strategy that’ll actually help you achieve your business goals
  • Focus completely on what will get you from point A to point B, and delete the rest off your to-do list
  • Kick procrastination out the door
  • Create more effective content that actually drives results
  • Feel confident and accomplished at the end of each workday

Need a one-time content strategy check-up?

The INITIATE consulting package is for you.

Need a strategy, schedule and ongoing accountability to get your project done?

The DRIVE coaching package is for you.

“I’d been putting this stuff off forever.

I’ve completed more business development goals and content goals in six weeks than I accomplished in the last two years.

If you want to run a marathon, you need an experienced coach and a training plan. That’s what Jessica gave me with DRIVE.”

— Momoko Price, Conversion Copywriter & Founder of

Read the case study to find out how the co-founder of and one of the premier conversion copywriters in North America used DRIVE to supercharge her lead-gen content strategy.