Training for Tech Content Writers

Content Chemistry: Tech Track

Exciting things are happening in technology today.

Lives are being saved. Economies are being transformed. Day-to-day tasks are being simplified.

Technology connects us. It saves lives. It has the power to save the world.

But without effective content, no one knows about any of it.

Tech businesses need writers who can help them get the word out about what they’re doing.

Create content that creates results for those tech clients and you’ll go from writer-for-hire to sought-after expert.

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“I’m no longer taking low paying content jobs.

My clients see me as a content expert, not just a writer-for-hire.”

— Melissa Williams

The White Paper Blueprint

A practical course for in-house and freelance copywriters on how to write a white paper that actually gets results for your client’s (or your) business.  

It’s the process I use to plan, research, and write the white papers that get results for my clients. Every. Single. Time.

The White Paper Blueprint gives you a step-by-step framework — from topic development to outline to delivery — for producing high-impact white papers.  

After taking this course, you’ll understand why so many businesses struggle to produce white papers that hit the mark — and how you can set them straight.

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“This is the step-by-step roadmap ’ve been looking for, with so many lightbulb moments along the way.

The theory, backed up with logic, real world examples, and advice on execution was exactly what I needed at this point in my copywriting career.”

— Anne Kavanagh